DynaVox is pleased to announce that Gateway to Language and Learning© is now available for DynaVox Compass software!

Gateway was created by Dr. Joan Bruno, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, in 1997 to help Frankie, a boy with cerebral palsy, learn how to use AAC to communicate and to achieve academic requirements.  Gateway is comprised of single words that can be joined together to create longer messages.  Over the years, Dr. Bruno has added to and changed Gateway to reflect a variety of developmental levels, types of communicators, and changes in technology.
Want to learn more about Gateway?
Watch this recorded web class that features Dr. Bruno and learn about the updated Gateway to Language and Learning  page sets for the DynaVox T10 and DynaVox Compass App.

Interested in additional premium pagesets?
Please fill out this form and we’ll notify you when they are available. Thank you!
Ready to purchase Gateway?  Here’s how!
  1. Ordering a DynaVox T10? Add Gateway (part number 601022) to your purchase order or funding request. The Gateway pageset will be pre-loaded on the DynaVox T10 by DynaVox manufacturing and will be the pageset you see when you launch the DynaVox Compass software.

  2. Already own a DynaVox T10 or subscribe to the DynaVox Compass App? Submit a purchase order or place a credit card order over the telephone (1-800-344-1778), just as you would currently order other accessories. Please use (part number 601022) to order. The Gateway pageset will then be delivered to you through your myDynaVox.com account.
Stay tuned - Additional premium pagesets will be coming available in the upcoming months.